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Top Tips for Women to Amp up Their Style With Harem Pants

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It is very rightly said, life is too short to wear boring clothes. And this is a reason why most stylists and fashion designers keep on introducing something new now and then. Fashion enthusiasts might have come across harem pants, the long, baggy, and loose pants. Originated from South Asia, these pants are making women go gaga worldwide.


These comfy hippie pants are an excellent way for someone to amp up their casual day style, but many women fail to style Boho Harem Pants, as they don’t know what to pair with these pants to get that chic look. So, to help one wear the harem pants in style, here are some tips that one can check out.


What to wear with harem pants to get that perfect look?


If one styles their look correctly, they can easily carry off the harem pants. These pants are stylish and look good in solid colors when paired with a printed top and vice versa. However, to help beginners style their harem pants, here are a few points that they can consider.

  • Those who plan to wear printed harem pants must pick a solid color top.
  • Another trending style idea for wearing harem pants is to pair them with heels.
  • It is suggested that one shop for harem pants made of natural fabrics like cotton or silk as they offer a good drape.
  • And those who wish to wear these pants regularly can improve their look by tucking the shirt and pairing it with a flattering belt.
  • Further, to highlight the harem pants, one can wear them with a cute crop top for a stylish look.

Now, for those who have already worn Boho Harem Pantsyet have failed to get that perfect look, here are some of the styling options they can try out.


1) Black harem with a leather jacket 

There are multiple style options for harem pants, yet a leather jacket with black harem pants is popular. This look provides a relaxed biker vibe and is super comfy and classy. So, skinny jeans are not your choice; one can choose this look and complete it with a pair of ballet heels.


2) Black vest top with a low waist pant

The low-waist harem pants are pretty stylish and a unique attire for office wear. One can pick Harem Pant’s exotic patterns and pair them with a solid black vest top. To complete the look, one can wear a cardigan and black heels.


3) With white sheer boho blouse

The boho blouses look great when paired with harem pants. One can complete this look by wearing strappy sandals for a semi-formal look that look great for an office event.


4) Wear tee with harem pants

This look is the famous street style with a perfect bohemian blend with various comfort elements. One can pick this look for a casual get-together. Further, to add some shine to this look, one can finish the look by wearing an open-toe heel and a long necklace.


5) Pair it with a drop shoulder top

Drop shoulder top with harem pants in a perfect combination for those who love the minimalist style. To complete the look, one can wear black or white heels.

Boho Harem Pants
How can one style the harem pants as per the occasion or place?

After one can understand what kind of tops they can wear with harem pants, the next question is where one can wear these pants? There are many places where one can wear these comfortable pants. However, to help one style as per the place, one can check out the tips listed below.


Tips for wearing harem pants as per the occasion


1) For dance classes

Harem Pant’s exotic patterns are perfect for a dance class as they are loose and allow much movement. One can team up with skinny tank tops and a cozy hoodie during the cooler seasons.


2) For yoga classes

The harem pants can be a yoga outfit, allowing fluid movements without restriction. One can pair these pants with a solid-colored tank top to have a comfortable yoga class.


3) For work

To kick off the formal look, one can wear harem pants with monochromatic hues. One can glam up the look by wearing minimal jewelry and a sleek belt.


Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, harem pants are super comfy and the most stylish pants to add to their wardrobe. So, don’t wait and shop these pants for yourself from online stores like Boho Clothing style to get good quality clothes and step out in style.

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