Diamonds, Blue Paisley Silk Jumper/Dress


Style: Summer Maxi Dress, beach dress, sexy party dress. Perfect for summer. Simple, chic, and elegant design.

SIZE: Free Size ( One Size )

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1969, The summer of love, Paisley was a major fashion choice, and the Bohemian style and hippy-chic clothing were all the rage thought England, the United States, and many other parts of the free world. The Beatles, Doors, Rolling Stone, Pink Floyd, and many other groups of the era were tuning in, turning on, and felt like they could change the world; Elvis Costello later wrote What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding? my thoughts exactly. The theme was love, freedom of expression, and Peace and Harmony. Thank you, Paisley, for taking me on a trip… back in time to a Beautiful place in my mind.


*colors may vary from what is seen on screen!
*Since each pair is unique, the pattern may vary slightly!

Hand wash in cold water, and separation is the best way. Machine wash also fine in cold water on gentle cycle in the mesh laundry bag provided and hang in the side for drying.

Shipping takes time from 1 week, depending on the country, customs, weather conditions, and diligence of local postal delivery.
During holidays shipping can be longer.

* Please note that actual colors may vary due to your computer resolution and monitor color restrictions. We also found Our Fabric to be rather hard to photograph to have an exact color for exposure – Fabric wrinkles often catch unexpected light and show thousands of shades in different positions and certain lights.

– machine wash gentle;
– dry gentle;
– Iron upside down at LOW


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