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About: JoAnn

Since a young age, JoAnn has been inspired and involved in Clothing and Fashion.
As a young girl, JoAnn has always loved fashion and Clothing style, Color, and Design. Her aunt had inspired and groomed the young girl before her Teens as a Tailor. She was shown the ropes, learned how to Sew and Iron, and got her start as a designer. Cutting patterns and learning how clothing was made, tailored, and learned the basic skill that inspired her to continue the endeavor 40 years later.

Around 2011 JoAnn started her own business, JX Styles selling clothing and using her unique taste and eye for color and style to choose her own clothing brands and started building a solid reputation for quality and style. This was when she started to develop a strong and loyal customer following. She found her chosen market and designed her products around her and her loyal customer’s tastes. Selling at Events, Fairs, festivals, and even farmers’ markets had gotten her customers’ attention. They kept asking where they could go to see her and buy more of her clothing, leading her to decide to focus on Boho clothing style and try to bring the products everyone loved so much to you at your keyboards touch of your fingertips. Boho clothing styles were born from these requests.

Deciding to go online and sell her products on the internet has been a problematic Journey in itself, with over two years in development and all ups and downs. Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic and all the Event closures has been an uphill battle for sure. Our line is now complete, and the website and marketing are starting to produce results and espouser.

We welcome you with open arms and hearts.